LaBents are produced with parts made from two "donor" bikes. The "donor" bikes can be road bikes, hybreds, mountain bikes or just about any type of bike you want to use. The kit contains all the custom cut and machined frame parts.  These parts are then be welded to the frame parts you get from the "donor" bikes.  If you don't weld and can't coerce any friends into welding it for you, you may want to look into getting a bare frame. 

PRICE $150 plus $20 Shipping and Handling



  • A.  Main Cross Member
  • B.  Seat Brace
  • C.  Handle bar assembly
  • D.  Chain Idler Parts
  • E.  Heavy Rider Brace
    (as needed)
  • F.  Decals
  • G.  Set of Plans

  • 2 Donor Bikes
  • 20" Tire and Wheel
  • Extra Long
    Brake Cable
  • Seat Materials


Bare Frames are just as the name implies, a frame, a front fork and set of handlebars and no other components. Frames are available painted or unpainted. The painted frames are actually powder coated. Powder coating is a painting process that is very tough and durable. It's available in all the basic colors.


  • Unpainted Frame $400 plus Shipping & Handling (email or call for shipping rates)
  • Painted Frame $450 plus Shipping & Handling (email or call for shipping rates)
  • Heavy Rider Brace (add $25.00)