Contact Form
Print this order form, Check box and fill in Name and Address, plus measurements and color where appropriate OR write all information on a blank sheet of paper.

  $35.00 Plans
    2.00 Shipping and Handling
$37.00 Total

For a set of decals please add
$3.00 and indicate
 Black or White

decals included
   Black or White

  $37.00 Plans
    3.50 Shipping and Handling
$40.50 Total

  $18.00 Plans
    2.00 Shipping and Handling
$20.00 Total

plans & decals included

  *please indicate
   see below

  $150.00 Kit
    20.00 Shipping and Handling
$170.00 Total
plans & decals included

 *please indicate
   see below


$400.00 Frame

    Call or email for shipping rates

plans & decals included

 *please indicate
   and preferred color
   see below

  $450.00 Frame

    Call or email shipping rates

Please include measurements with orders for kits and frames

decals    black    white

frame color ____________

height _______________

weight _______________

inseam measurement __________________

x-seam measurement __________________

The x-seam is measured by sitting on the floor with your legs straight out and your back against a wall. Then measure from the bottom of your feet to the wall.

Name _____________________________



E-mail _____________________________

Phone _____________________________

Make check or money order payable to: Denny LaDue

You may call (402) 464-5110 to pay via credit card
  send to:
LaBent by LaDue
1607 S. 84th St.
Lincoln, NE 68506


In the event that you order a set of plans, then decide you would like a kit, the price of the kit (minus the plans you already have) is $115.00.  Call or email for shipping reats

Kits are usually shipped within 10 to 14 days.
Frames are shipped within 3 to 6 weeks

e-mail us